Success Stories


Until her husband’s heart attack, Laylia had been able to hide her paranoid schizophrenia from her friends, neighbors and three children. But when she was fifty, her life began to unravel. She lost contact with her family, lost her home, then found herself sleeping behind a local pawn shop. Laylia came to CSP’s BRIDGES program three times before she was finally ready to commit to services. Today, Laylia lives independently in her own apartment.


After working long hours cleaning homes in affluent Shreveport neighborhoods, Miss Lucy returned each night to a garage apartment with no electricity, gas or water. With help from the Shreveport Neighborhood Recovery Program and Community Support Programs, Inc., Miss Lucy now has all of these – in a brand new home built just for her.


Diagnosed with Major Depression and Alcohol Dependence, Bob survived by following the fair around the region. He was estranged from his family and uninterested in reaching out to them, embarrassed by his situation. After eighteen months in the REACH program, Bob was not only ready to reunite with his family, but had saved enough money to purchase a plane ticket to visit them. Bob still calls CSP to let us know how well he is doing, reunited with his family and applying the recovery principles he learned at REACH.

Lucy and Ethel

Miss Ethel wanted to help her friend and neighbor, Miss Lucy, get home repair assistance. But when inspectors came, they found that both ladies’ houses were too unsafe to live in. In partnership with Shreveport’s Neighborhood Recovery Project, Community Support built new homes for Miss Lucy and Miss Ethel.


Miss Ila had spent seventeen years in Central Louisiana State Hospital battling schizophrenia before Community Support brought her to Shreveport. The professionals never thought she could succeed outside of the hospital. Since 1992, however, Miss Ila lives in one of CSP’s permanent housing programs and with support from our case management department, she is able to live a full and healthy life.


Zella, a Shreveport nurse, lost everything she owned in a house fire. In less than five months, CSP worked through its Hearthstone program and with HUD to build her a brand new home. Not only does Zella have a roof over her head, but she is a proud first-time homeowner.

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